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A note for educators

As an educator, you want your students to have access to information on the most important issues we all face.

Issues concerning life are among the most critical. There is a pro-life perspective that your students need to be aware of.

What does it mean to be “pro-life”?

Being “pro-life” means advocating for the rights of the handicapped, the aged, the sick and the unborn in our society. It means speaking on behalf of those who often cannot speak for themselves.

It also means calling into question such practices as abortion, genetic engineering, in vitro fertilization and euthanasia.

Hamilton Right to Life is an educational organization concerned with bringing knowledge about pro-life issues to our community. We would welcome the opportunity to address your students about life issues in Canada.

Our mandate is to educate the public about life issues. We would welcome the opportunity to address your students about life issues in Canada.

Aren’t these issues too controversial to discuss with students?

Life issues are controversial but street talk alone can be misleading without facts and critical viewpoints.

Here are some issues that our speakers have raised in classrooms:

  • Life issues in Canadian law
  • Is “choice” unlimited?
  • Abortion techniques
  • Ethical implications of euthanasia
  • Human Rights: an historical perspective
  • Abortion’s emotional consequences: case studies
  • It’ll ruin my life: Realities of teen pregnancy
  • Is it human? The development of the unborn child


A variety of visual aids may be loaned from our resource centre: slides, films, videos, exhibits. Our research library has extensive information about life issues.

Our Resource Centre is located at 209 MacNab Street North, Hamilton.

It is open to you and your students Monday to Friday from 9:00 – 3:00 pm.

To book a speaker or request a resource, please call us at 905.528.3065 or email us using the form below.